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Top management review 'key performance indicators' [across the company,] as a result a good understanding of the process approach for ISO9001:2008 was demonstrated.

BSI Audit report

McLaren Software: Quality Statement


The McLaren Quality Programme (ISO 9001:2008) aims to:

Underpin our ability to exceed the expectations of our customers by consistently providing solutions based on software products that meet their business challenges and functional requirements, supporting them in a timely, professional manner and involving them in future product directions and improvement decisions.

Help us make McLaren a rewarding place to work by involving all staff in the success of the business through quality objectives: we cultivate commercial awareness by understanding how quality at all levels impacts on business performance before, during and after the full solution and software development lifecycle.

Assist us in maintaining market and investor confidence by building value through business performance, and locking in that value by retaining the goodwill of our brand and the loyalty of our staff, partners and customers.