Inspect, resolve and control defects for complex projects with GoCapture

EPCs and Owner Operators realize reduced errors, improved margins and lower risks on complex engineering projects with the help of GoCapture, a new solution from Idox.

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12 October 2016

GoCapture, an Idox solution, launches today, offering a new tool to EPCs and Owner Operators to optimize site inspection, defect management, mechanical completion and handover phases of complex engineering projects. The solution minimizes the cost of incidents, reduces errors, improves margins and mitigates risks by standardizing and automating processes.

Companies are looking to streamline the recording, turnaround and management of defects in an effort to reduce schedule and budget overruns. GoCapture is the ideal solution for companies to adopt, as costs come under increased scrutiny and more projects are being commissioned on a fixed price basis, leading to greater competition and margin pressures.

Integrated and synchronized with the market-leading document management system, FusionLive, Defect Administrators can oversee and manage the defect process through to mechanical completion and handover. The intuitive drag and drop form builder enables customized inspection forms to be designed, with configurable site package templates helping to streamline the creation of large volumes of packages and automated workflows for content distribution and notification. 

With the GoCapture role-based mobile app, site inspectors can quickly and easily access their assigned inspection packages, create punch items, attach photos and documents and add a digital signature to the mobile form once inspection is complete. Contractors are also able to view the punch list items from their mobile app and automatically notify when defect resolution has been carried out. All updates from the mobile device are seamlessly synchronized with the FusionLive system to give complete oversight of the whole process.

Rhona Campbell, Product Manager for GoCapture explains: "As projects become more complex (with greater numbers of contractual parties and documents to be managed), it is important to be able to keep tight control over defects and manage them throughout the lifecycle process. With the liability for potential claims and penalties also increasing, the need to track, oversee and manage third parties to mitigate costs, risks of incidents and potential disputes, has never been more vital. With our GoCapture solution, companies are able to streamline and standardize best practice processes and have a full audit trail of the work carried out, ensuring defects are captured, reported and resolved as quickly as possible, preventing costly mistakes being repeated.

Rhona continues: "By equipping EPCs and Owner Operators with our GoCapture solution, it's clear that site inspection and defect management roles will become simpler and more productive, with companies ultimately saving time and money on their projects into the bargain."

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