New navigation portal for engineering content delivers ‘single point of truth’

An intelligent search and navigation portal for engineering content, OnLink, an Idox solution, launches today.

Rolled up Drawings

15 August 2016

The OnLink portal has been designed with engineers in mind to deliver a 'single view of documents'. By linking content from the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and external systems, such as ERP and asset management systems, related information can be searched and viewed quickly and easily from one place.

In a market where costs are tightly controlled, it is more important than ever for companies to leverage the investments already made in software. OnLink complements an existing Engineering Content Management (ECM) system and is a simple add-on with no requirement to change or upgrade systems - all content remains in the source repository. It instantly brings value and intelligence to drawings and documents by linking P&IDs to associated engineering content through tags, hotspots and hyperlinks. This increases the speed and efficiency with which engineers can search and access documents, cutting down on project delays and errors as well as improving decision-making and adherence to compliance and safety regulations.

Assets are becoming more complex, which in turn leads to a greater volume of engineering data being generated. With different project teams using disparate systems and storing their documents in a variety of formats, it can be difficult to quickly find documents associated with projects, link them together and be sure that you are working from the most up-to-date version. This is even more challenging when working in remote locations with limited or no connectivity.

Commented Rhona Campbell, OnLink's Product Manager: "We're calling OnLink the 'single point of truth portal' because it brings all the user's documents together in one place, whether accessing information on mobile devices or offline. P&IDs are linked to content stored within external applications, such as 3D models and asset maintenance management systems. Tag data integrity is rigorously and continuously maintained across these different sources through configuration rules and regular document update cycles. OnLink exposes information deficiencies, which drives continuous improvement and cuts down on that frustrating search, making it easier for users to find whatever they are looking for, regardless of their location."

Rhona continues: "The OnLink interface is intuitive and can be configured to suit preferred ways of working. In our experience, the key to driving value from current software set-ups is to increase user adoption. By making applications simpler to use and tailoring them to the role that the user is carrying out - in this case the engineer - it naturally follows that productivity will increase and cost-savings will be made through using OnLink."

Learn more about OnLink or email to speak with one of the OnLink team.