McLaren Software sponsors scheduling practices for plant turnarounds / shutdown study


McLaren Software raises the importance of Document Management and Control to support sucessful and efficient plant shutdowns and turnarounds.


Houston Texas USA 9 August 2011- McLaren Software, a subsidiary of the IDOX plc, and leader in Engineering Document Management and Control applications has sponsored a study into best practices for plant turnarounds / shutdowns by T.A. Cook.

Any major turnaround / shutdown in the process industry have dramatic repercussions on the company annual results due to revenue due to lost production or service. The opportunity costs of operators of refineries or petrochemical and power plants resulting from a shutdown often exceed the labour and material costs incurred.

While Emphasis is rightly placed on planning, scheduling, procurement and contract awards to ensure minimum disruption to the business, but are the same considerations applied to the supporting documentation?

Accurate and validated documentation improves predictability during the planning stage and reduces the risk of unexpected corrective work resulting in longer shutdowns. As far as possible, as-built documentation should be revised and any new documentation created prior to shut down, or better still be accurate to begin with. To ensure a smooth start-up and subsequent operation of the plant new documentation will need to be validated ready for use by the operations teams.

The study addresses scheduling issues in turnaround projects and to show decision-makers the enormous potential optimized scheduling can have on influencing the success of a turnaround project.

Part 1 of the study consisting of 117 pages and the result of an intensive research project is available for free download from with part 2 "Technical Services for Turnarounds in Petrochemical Plants" is available from

About McLaren Software - Engineering Document Management & Control Applications

McLaren Software a subsidiary of the IDOX plc. provides Engineering Document Management and Control Applications for Owner Operators and EPCs in asset intensive industries including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Life Sciences and Natural Resources.McLaren customers operate in highly regulated industries where the need for access to validated engineering documents and drawings is essential for the efficient, safe and compliant operation throughout the lifecycle of a plant or facility.

Enterprise EngineerTM supports each stage of an asset lifecycle from FEED (Front End Engineering Design), capital projects, to handover / turnover, MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) and the management of change.  Built-in industry best practice processes ensure consistent engineering document management and control processes are followed via role specific user interfaces across all design, project and operations teams of a single construction project of a plant or facility to multiple operations.

McLaren Software applications are supported by leading ECM platforms and are proven to improve safety, operational efficiency, lower the risk of non-compliance and engineering re-work ensuring the reliability and integrity of both capital project and asset documentation.

About T.A. Cook

T.A. Cook is an international management consultancy specialising in asset performance management. T.A. Cook serves process industries and utilities, such as companies and infrastructure service providers from the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, plastics, food, luxury foods and energy sectors. With its expertise in change management, T.A. Cook helps clients put change processes into effect that increase productivity and value.

The Studies & Research division of T.A. Cook conducts detailed market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. The focus of the team is to systematically investigate and clarify current market concerns and requirements as well as anticipated developments and their consequences for market players. In addition the team compiles trend reports and continually expands its database of specialised knowledge, which can be applied to each study as needed.

The business unit T.A. Cook Academy organises specialist conferences and seminars. T.A. Cook was founded in 1994 and has an international team of over 90 consultants, conference organisers and researchers across offices in Berlin, Birmingham, Houston, Paris, Raleigh and Rio de Janeiro.

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