Energy & Utilities Industry Solutions

Solutions for Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution Utilities

Power Plant Chimneys
Business Benefits:
  • Accelerate Project Completion
  • Optimize Plant Availability and Safety
  • Decrease Maintenance Time and Cost
  • Improve Management of Change
  • Support Regulatory Compliance

A Growing Need for Energy Resources

With a constantly growing population, the Energy and Utilities sector is challenged with balancing the demand for energy against wider social and environmental concerns requiring transparency and accountability to regulators, shareholders and consumers.  Like many other industries, it also faces the ongoing loss of engineering knowledge due to an aging and retiring workforce.  

Maintaining Operational Efficiency in an Increasingly Regulated Industry

The Energy and Utilities industry must implement stringent, auditable document control processes to ensure auditable compliance with industry regulations from agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).   Access to reliable, accurate asset information is critical to supporting these initiatives and maintaining efficient, profitable operations.

The McLaren Solution for Energy & Utilities

McLaren addresses the unique needs of Energy and Utility companies, providing integrity of asset information for engineering, project management, maintenance and facilities management.

During design and construction, McLaren solutions streamline drawing and document management processes, providing:

During operations and maintenance, McLaren solutions control the access and modification of validated asset documentation and support efficient management of change, providing:

20 Years of Industry Experience

With 20 years of industry consultancy experience, McLaren Software provides asset information integrity solutions that address the unique requirements of the end-to-end asset lifecycle, from design and construction through to operations and maintenance and eventual decommissioning.