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Facilities Management: the Second Biggest Business Expenditure after People

However Facilities Management (FM) is delivered in an organization, facilities professionals face many challenges. Customers, whether in-house or external, are continually looking to reduce FM expenditure without wanting a commensurate reduction in quality. Property and facilities management costs are an organization's second biggest expenditure after people. Simultaneously, the board's desire for data about the way money is spent in facilities management is increasing. For the service provider there is also a focus on contract terms with clients pushing for unlimited liability and strict performance levels.

Organizations are also increasingly recognizing the importance of the workplace as both a recruitment and retention tool and in helping to boost employees' productivity. Information about the performance of a facility and ways in which it can be made to perform better is seen as key.

Reducing Costs while Maintaining Quality

To manage, operate and optimize the property portfolio, many facilities professionals are turning to technology to help solve these problems. Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM™) software manages and consolidates information across all facets of FM, helping to:

All of this data allows the FM to make intelligent decisions about strategy and direction, and to create a more cost-effective and efficient service.

Staff costs are high in the labor intensive FM industry; therefore, ensuring optimum staffing levels for cleaning, security, catering and helpdesk teams is an important part of cost control and efficiency. CAFM provides the required data about performance levels to help optimize staffing levels. For example, by using a visual dashboard to assess washroom or general building traffic, CAFM systems can be used to lean-engineer the facilities provision, providing increased levels of washroom servicing during busy periods, and reassigning resources to other tasks during quieter periods.

Solutions for Facilities Management
  • CAFM Explorer
  • Fully integrated FM application suite for safe, efficient and compliant facilities