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Business Benefits

Growing Projects, Growing Complexities

The oil and gas industry, defined by increasingly complex projects with global supply chains and multiple project stakeholders, relies on real-time access to accurate information to support efficient, profitable operations and growing shareholder, regulatory and safety requirements.

Without consistent and effective document control business processes throughout the life of an asset, Owner Operators face productivity losses, safety issues and unnecessary expenses from data re-entry, verifying design and construction information or reworking design files. 

Mitigate Risk and Accelerate First Oil or Gas

During Design and Construction, McLaren solutions streamline drawing and document management processes, providing:

Maximize Profits and Ensure Safe and Compliant Operations  

During Operations and Maintenance, McLaren solutions control the access and modification of validated asset documentation and support efficient management of change, providing:

20 Years of Oil & Gas Industry Experience

With 20 years of industry consultancy experience, McLaren Software provides asset information integrity solutions that address the unique requirements of the end-to-end oil and gas lifecycle, from design and construction through to operations and maintenance and eventual decommissioning.

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