McLaren Asset Operations Suite

Engineering Document Control for Safe, Efficient and Compliant Assets

Business Benefits:

One Solution for Supporting for Asset Operations

A company's asset base can be in a state of continual change. From existing infrastructure, production plants and facilities to projects for expansion or rehabilitation  there is a challenge to ensure the portfolio is managed to optimize performance and return on investment across assets at different stages of the lifecycle.  Effective document management throughout is critical to ensure safe, efficient and compliant operations. McLaren offers a comprehensive solution to support the  operation of assets from commissioning to divestment, the Asset Operations Suite. 

The Asset Operations Suite provides secure and controlled asset information across the lifecycle of the asset from handover of the asset through operation to final decommissioning or transfer.

Key Features include:

Extending Capability

The Asset Operations Suite provides a strong base to support asset operations, but can be extended to enable cloud-based collaborative working and cost-effective solutions for controlled printing within and external to the enterprise.