Intelligent search and navigation
for engineering content

Rolled up Drawings

OnLink adds value and intelligence to drawings and documents by linking P&IDs to associated engineering content. Through the use of tags, hotspots and hyperlinks, information can be searched and viewed quickly and easily, improving productivity and operational efficiency.

The challenge:

Managing an asset brings increasing volumes of engineering data, so companies need to maximise investments and leverage the capabilities of their existing ECM systems. With engineering documents related to a specific P&ID or asset stored in multiple formats, across different locations, being able to search and quickly find the most relevant and up-to-date document can be frustrating.  Related information can be stored in external databases or repositories, such as ERP or legacy IT systems, where document naming and classifications may not align. This adds to the complexity of accessing your content and being able to link all related information together becomes a real challenge.

The Solution: Why OnLink?

OnLink, the single 'point of truth portal', simplifies searching and navigating your engineering content and lets you easily find the most up-to-date and relevant information, whichever system it is stored in, or its source. Its intuitive design reduces the need for multiple searches and manual printing to view and collate documents.

With OnLink

Learn more about OnLink as Rhona Campbell, Product Manager for the solution, takes you through a short video demo. 

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