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Deliverables Management - Managing Supplier & Vendor Deliverables in Capital Projects 

In any capital project, whether you're an owner operator or EPC, the management of project deliverables from vendors and suppliers represents a significant management challenge. Get it right and the efficiency gains and cost savings can be considerable. Get it wrong and the consequences can be both costly and time consuming.

The management of thousands of project deliverables requires significant investment in your document control department. Major capital projects can have upwards of one hundred document controllers alone.

How much turnaround time is being eaten up by administration?

How much time and money can you save by automating your business processes?

In this recorded webinar we will be addressing these challenges in terms of:

  • Increasing Document Control effectiveness and efficiency
  • Automating business processes - reducing human error and resource requirements
  • Meeting contractual obligations & reducing costly rework
  • Using turnaround periods efficiently
  • Managing large volumes of submissions from multiple vendors & service providers
  • Managing incoming and outgoing transmittals
  • Distributing documentation to the right people for review and acceptance
  • Planning resource utilization
  • Tracking progress of contracts, sub-contracts & purchase orders
  • Maintaining audit trails
  • Providing protection against litigation

View our recorded webinar today and discover how McLaren Software can help streamline your vendor document management process, resolve inefficiencies, help meet contractual commitments and prevent project slippage and delays.

Who should view this recorded webinar?

  • Owner-Operators and EPCs involved in capital projects
  • Project Managers, Project Control Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leads
  • Document Controllers and Engineers involved in the review & acceptance of vendor deliverables
  • Business Analysts and Document or ECM specialists
View Recorded Webinar