McLaren Professional Services

Business people and laptop

Business Process Review and Optimization

Successful implementations start with an agreed set of business requirements. The objective of the review service is to discover, document and agree the customers business objectives and supporting processes.

Deliverables include:

Document and Drawing Migration

McLaren offers a comprehensive migration service to ensure current and legacy data and drawings are correctly classified and stored for the new solution.

Deliverables include:

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Elimination of risk is a high priority of any major project. A Proof of Concept is a quick and low cost method of helping customers evaluate the risk and benefits of a proposed solution.

The primary objective is the delivery of a functioning virtualized test solution to evaluate against pre-agreed success criteria.

Solution Tuning and Integration Services

This service identifies modifications or upgrades to supporting IT infrastructure and applications to relieve bottlenecks and maximize performance of existing and proposed solutions.

Deliverables include: