McLaren Solutions

McLaren solutions enable secure, controlled and auditable access to information throughout the life of a project or asset

Capital Projects, Handover & Operations

For Owner Operators and EPCs

McLaren offers industry focused solutions that manage and control data and documents through the entire asset lifecycle; from design and construction to handover to operations and then maintenance and eventually decommissioning.

McLaren solutions streamline document control processes and provide secure, auditable collaboration between Owner Operators, EPCs and suppliers to help reduce project rework and delays, adhere to contractual or compliance requirements and provide accurate, reliable information for handover for efficient, safe and compliant asset operations and management of change.


Solutions for Capital Projects
Solutions for Operations & Management
Control Room

Infrastructure Construction Projects

For AEC Companies and Construction Firms

McLaren offers cloud-based project collaboration and document management solutions to address the specific requirements of AEC companies and Construction projects; such as BIM support for enhanced collaboration and bid and tender management.  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provide flexible and affordable options for shorter term or remote projects without the support of IT or an in-house document management system.   

SaaS Solutions for Construction Projects
Construction Workers

Facility Operations & Management

For Facilities Management

McLaren Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solutions support safe, compliant and efficient facilities in industries such as Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Sector, Real Estate and Retail.  An effective Facilities Management solution will provide integrated support for building maintenance, property management, help desk, space management, room and resource scheduling and cost control within a single integrated package.  

Computer Aided Facilities Management
Inside Building