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Our approach to BIM is open. At a pace to suit you, we can help expand your use of BIM, working with your preferred technology and familiar processes to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Drawing and 3d Building
Key Features

With our best practice capabilities, BIM files automatically download from the cloud and synchronise with your project collaboration software, updating the common data environment (CDE). Changes are managed concurrently and users automatically alerted to any changes made. Teams can work together securely and integrate with all leading model software including Solibri, Tekla BIMsight and Autodesk Revit.


Our solutions for BIM

BIM Sync with FusionLive

View, collaborate and synchronize BIM models in real-time. Compatible with Tekla BIMsight and Solibri Model Viewer, and others. These integrations unlock new functionality, including mark-ups and annotations to models, clash detection reporting and task assignment.

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Autodesk Revit Plugin

Store, retrieve and version control 3D BIM models throughout the asset lifecycle, reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving collaboration. Maintain the central Revit model as the single source of truth with an out-of-the-box integration.

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BIM: A Blueprint for Success

BIM adoption is likely to accelerate, so knowing exactly what BIM means at a project level and how it impacts on your organization will be essential. Get your free copy of our e-book BIM: A Blueprint for Success.

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