BIM Management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is supported as an integral part of the project collaboration and document management solution. It facilitates the use of the BIM process across projects leading to successful completion and delivery.

Drawing and 3d Building
Key Features

Control Over the BIM Process

Users have control over the use and development of BIM models with BIM merge, export and workflows.  By providing easy access and outstanding viewing capability the potential complexity of using BIM is reduced. 

Time and Cost-Efficient Projects

Using BIM management enhances the efficiency of project teams leading to time savings across the project.  Users can easily access and view BIM models and work within them, as they provide input to aid the virtual construction and project realization programme. 

Reduced Rework and Error

Improve information sharing and understanding by using the BIM application which can make teams more productive by reducing rework and errors.

Successful Project Outcomes

BIM projects can be completed according to client expectations. The final BIM model is delivered to the industry standard, ensuring that clients can take advantage of a comprehensive as-built model to assist with the operation and maintenance of their built asset.

Transition to Facilities Management

Project documentation can be transitioned to the facilities management environment by presenting the information in an industry standard format.  Seamless transfer from project to operations is offered by McLaren by integrating our solutions with leading facilities management software such as CAFM Explorer. The document control functionality within the facilities management solution allows users to access, view and navigate through BIM models. 



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