Business Intelligence

Provides dashboard and reports to deliver business critical insights that drive productivity, profitability and performance across major capital projects.

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Key Features

Understandable Project Information

Even when project data is available, the critical factor is the ability to draw that data together to form clear and understandable information. Our pre-defined dashboards and reports can give meaningful information for decision makers to act upon.

Identify Potential Risks

Project owners are able to set up reports based around key project deliverables.  Regular reporting means that management can track performance indicators, identifying any variance or bottlenecks for rapid resolution.

Maximize Project Team Efficiency

Enables management to understand the status of inputs across the team in real-time. This allows management to drive efficiency through high visibility of team member activity and vendor performance.

Ensure Compliance with Regulations

Enables project teams to monitor the status of compliance throughout each stage of the project and can provide audit reports to evidence correct procedure.