On-Premise or Cloud Solutions

Quickly deployed document control and project collaboration solutions on-premise or in the cloud.

Pointing at Cloud


Our users are changing the way they think of installing their software and more are taking advantages of the levels of service which McLaren Software can offer.   By examining the project profile, the same software which would traditionally be deployed "on premise" is more frequently being privately cloud hosted.  This reduces the impact on your own organisation's IT provision and keeps decision making in a business user's hand. You can leave the basic day-to-day system support and management to us in an office-hours or 24x7 arrangement according to your budget.


Take advantage of McLaren's extensive infrastructure within the US and UK or benefit from our partner organisations' dedicated hosting facilities around the world. Implement best-of-breed disaster recovery facilities by duplicating infrastructure and data across multiple locations.

Data and Information Security

McLaren, as with all companies in the Idox Group, has full ISO 27001 certification which ensures that our hosted or cloud systems have rigorous data management and full security protocols being followed at all times. Please enquire about our federated Active Directory technologies which enable security permissions on our hosted systems to be set from within your own infrastructure.

On-Premise Solutions

For many, the traditional approach of deploying our software on your network, 100% under your control is still the preferred solution. For those that still prefer to go down this route, that is fine by us!



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