Concurrent Engineering

Manage unlimited concurrent copies with automatic notifications and redline management

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Key Features

Concurrent Changes to Common Documents

Improve management control of the change process by controlling the process of making concurrent updates to documents. Allow different projects to make project copies of the same document and work them into a project lifecycle independent of work taking place to the same document in other projects.

View Pending Updates

Reduce errors by ensuring plant personnel are aware of any pending redlines when accessing plant level documentation. When searching the database, general users will be provided with the current as-built drawing reflecting the current physical status. They will also be provided with any pending updates to the as-built drawing as approved redlines thereby reflecting pending or actual changes to the plant beyond the as-built condition.

Live Changes

Increase productivity by providing real-time communication to all project personnel involved in making changes to a common document. When a project copy of a document changes status to, for example, "Approved for issue", team members of other projects working with the same document will be sent a warning notification message alerting them to the change.

Full History of Every Document

Ensure compliance by recording full audit of all actions taken when changing, reviewing, approving and issuing a change to a document. This allows you to track the full history of changes to plant level documentation together with details of review and approval comments that were made as part of the process.



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Case Studies
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    Solutions for Owner Operators and EPCs

    Holcim, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates.

  • Wood Group Mustang
  • Case Study generalMustang Engineering, a Wood Group company, a services provider to the oil, gas and chemical industries.