Document Control

Take control with features such as automatic numbering, multiple schemes, bulk loading, error handling, rollback.

Documents Flying in vitual server
Key Features

Ensure Consistency

Ensure document control consistency across all your projects by supporting different taxonomies and processes for varying project scale and complexity. Improve assessment of process efficiency to support optimization through common metrics across all document control groups.

Consistent Project Setup

Faster and easier project setup through pre-configured project taxonomy with defaults set for organization by contract, purchase order and document type. Easily meet your project numbering conventions across different document types through configurable document numbering systems.

Efficient Handling of Vendor Documents

Accelerate creation of the master document register by automatically creating placeholder documents and pre-allocating your document numbers. Improve contract turnaround times by supporting bulk loading of vendor document requirement lists and handling subsequent provision of updated revisions of document deliverables.

Improve Visibility of Project Milestones

Improved project management visibility by supporting progress tracking of engineering and vendor document progress though milestone stages to support linkage with program and project management controls already in place.


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Case Studies
  • Holcim
  • Case Study general

    Solutions for Owner Operators and EPCs

    Holcim, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates.

  • Wood Group Mustang
  • Case Study generalMustang Engineering, a Wood Group company, a services provider to the oil, gas and chemical industries.