Intelligent Search

Find the correct document with a search based on tag number and graphical navigation using intelligent P&ID links.

Link on CAD Drawing
Key Features

Graphical Navigation

Reduce the time taken for operations personnel and engineers to find documentation related to equipment in the facility. The system provides graphical "point and click" navigation based upon familiar asset pictures and terminology.

Intuitive Interface

Minimal training is required for new hires to be up-to-speed proving system adoption. Engineers are now able to more easily locate tag information across different documents and drawings stored in the database.

Pan and Zoom

Improved productivity as personnel can now visualize their tasks by zooming and panning around a 3D view of the plant before they perform the actual work on site.

Easy Access

Less errors as operations personnel can access real time maintenance information by simply clicking on a tag within a drawing.

Mobile Devices

Improved maintenance as hand held devices can be used to access drawing and asset information at the job site.



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Case Studies

Case Study general

Solutions for Owner Operators and EPCs

Holcim, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates.

  • Wood Group Mustang
  • Case Study generalMustang Engineering, a Wood Group company, a services provider to the oil, gas and chemical industries.