Out-of-the-box or configured

Solutions can be up and running in a few days or you can choose to have a configured solution tailored to your business processes.

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With McLaren Software, you can be sure that you are buying more than a software product. McLaren Software comes with standard configurations backed by many years of industry experience of building solutions for clients in specific market sectors. See our case-studies section for a guide to our industry experience.

All of McLaren Software's solutions come with an "Out-Of-The-Box" version which we believe most closely meets your business and process needs. Typical standard features include document numbering conventions, workflow processes and mechanisms for collaboration with customers and suppliers amongst others.

McLaren Software consultants can help you define the changes which need making to the solution to adapt it to your needs.    Whether you choose an agile or traditional approach, our consultants can organise workshops to understand and document all aspects of your business practices and standards.  We would always recommend fully understanding our out-of-the-box configuration so as to minimise the amount of customisation which is needed."




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Case Studies
  • Holcim
  • Case Study general

    Solutions for Owner Operators and EPCs

    Holcim, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates.

  • Wood Group Mustang
  • Case Study generalMustang Engineering, a Wood Group company, a services provider to the oil, gas and chemical industries.