Computer Aided Facilities Management

Supporting Safe, Efficient and Compliant Facilities

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Business Benefits:

Addressing the Unique Challenges of a Facilities Manager

Facility managers are challenged with maintaining compliance with statutory obligations, maximizing asset utilization, controlling costs and the supply chain and optimizing worker and facility efficiency.

To address these challenges, Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) solutions help to plan, manage the people and maintain the work of an organization occupying a physical space

An Integrated Solution for Facility Managers

The McLaren CAFM solution provides a complete solution for:

A comprehensive database stores asset and operating data combined with powerful tools to track, retrieve, analyze and report on all aspects of working life within a facility or portfolio of facilities.  In addition, Web connectivity allows a greater level of collaboration with personnel, suppliers and partners.

Operators can ensure compliance to health, safety, environmental and statutory regulations with accurate recording, tracking and easy access to critical data. 

Real-time access to detailed asset information supports informed decisions on sustainable maintenance strategies, while integrated systems and automated functionality streamlines processes and increases the efficiency of operators to manage tasks. 

In-depth reporting means that decision makers are in a strong position to measure costs against budgets, manage the supply chain and plan investment.  




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